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About Us

Living Ministry Media began in 1994 from humble beginnings and since then it has had quite a few different names and lots of different young people involved, many of who have come and gone. Since it began, Living Ministry Media has not only provided support for local churches but also produced TV programs which were broadcast weekly on ACE TV a local community TV station at the time, a one hour program was produced in English and also a one hour program in Polish.

Over many years Living Ministry Media has been involved in various projects and special events in South Australia, not only run by the conference, but also local churches. For example youth rallies, big camps, regionals, mission programs, church anniversaries, baptisms, funerals, there are so many that it’s impossible to list them all. But as times have changed and technology has changed, so has our focus. We have gradually grown and expanded the things that we do.

In 2010 planning began for the biggest evangelistic program that Adelaide had ever seen, Ancient Mysteries Reveal the Future, which was presented by Pastor Gary Webster. Living Ministry Media was asked to help to support the program by filming and producing a series of DVD’s from the mission that were given to people attending the programs. There was such a huge demand for the DVD’s that it was hard to keep up with producing them.

In 2012 Living Ministry Media was involved in producing DVDs from Pastor Don Fehlberg’s mission, more recently a special version of the programs is now being produced for ATSIM, which will be used Australia-wide as an evangelistic and outreach tool for our indigenous community.

Spreading the message through media is Living Ministry Media’s focus. This includes producing DVD’s, live-streaming as well as TV programs which air on Channel 44 every Monday evening. We have been broadcasting many different programs including It Is Written, In Focus and locally produced programs. We’ve also been broadcasting Pastor Gary Webster and Pastor Don Fehlberg’s mission programs on Channel 44 and have been shocked by the positive response from the public, til today we continue to produce more DVD’s from both mission programs to keep up with demand from the public.

Part of the the Living Ministry Media team traveled to Fiji where we were involved in the biggest evangelistic program in Fiji’s history by any denomination. Our job was to film and produce a series of DVD’s from the program. Our main focus was to live stream the mission to a number of remote down-link sites across Fiji.

Live streaming is critical to our ministry. We believe that it is one of the most powerful outreach tools we can offer, not only to the greater community, but also our own church family.

Did you know that Living Ministry Media is made up of volunteers? Everyone is a volunteer, no one gets paid, we do get support from the conference and individual churches as well as some donations and contributions from individual people.